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B Line Concrete Pumping & Supply

B Line Concrete Pumping & Supply B Line Concrete Pumped Slab

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Concrete Terminology & Slang

CONCRETE PUMP - Truck or trailer mounted pump that is able to pump concrete through concrete delivery hoses.

PUMPY - Concrete pump operator & line hand.

CONCRETOR - Floor layer, finisher, persons that are qualified to set concrete job out & level and machine to finish.

CONCRETE LABOURER - Concretor assistant.

CONCRETE AGITATOR - Large truck that delivers concrete to back on to the 'Concrete Pump' on site.

AGGIE DRIVER - The driver of the Concrete Agitator.

MUD - Concrete.

Concrete Mixes

MPA - Strength of concrete.

AGGREGATE - The size of stone in the concrete (measured in millimetres).

SLUMP - The amount of water that is put into the concrete mix.

REDUCED LINE MIX - Mix of 10 & 7mm aggregate designed for tight or long concrete jobs, eg. Pool surrounds.

BLOCK FILL - Concrete mix for filling concrete block walls, eg. Retainer walls.

Common combinations of concrete mixes:
Most suited & used for domestic applications
More commonly used in commercial applications
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